N i m b u s

Nimbus label

In 1932, P.A. Fisker in partnership with his son, Anders Fisker, began the design of a new 4-cylinder motor-cycle. It was this Nimbus that was put into production in 1934, and which, with small alteration, remain in production until 1960.

In many ways, the production of the Nimbus motorcycles was markedly conservative. One example of this was that during the first years that the new model was in production, it was only delivered in one colour. As P.A.Fisker often put it: "People can buy a Nimbus in whatever colour they like, as long as it's black!"

Between 1919 and 1960, 14.000 Nimbus motor- bicycles were manufactured. For more than half a century, Nimbus has thus been part of the danish street scene, and Nimbus motorcycles have been exciting, splendid 4-cylinder machines, built for hard use, and appreciated by the Danish army, police and postal services.



The Nimbus had a 4-cylinder, 750cc in-line motor with top-valve and overhead cam, a 3.speed gear box and cardandrive. Nimbus was the first motor-cycle in the world with a telescope front fork.

In june 1934 the first models were delivered to the police, the postal service, the army and to private buyers. Sales promotion was undertaken as far away as China and Argentina. In the autumn of 1937, 3 Nimbus motor-cycles were delivered to the Chinese army.

With the good traction force, the Nimbus-manufactures soon after the introduction in 1934 was ready with different sidecars. The sidecar machines could be supplied with a lower sidecar gearing. Both for the bodies of person- and delivery sidecars, Fisker co-operated to some extent with other factories, particulary ACAP.






The man behind the machine was Peder Andersen Fisker. He founded the factory "P.A.Fisker, Electric Factory" around 1905. The main products were electromotors in sizes from 1/32HP to 3HP. After a few month, the shop foreman, H.M.Nielsen, went into partnership with the manufacturer, Fisker. The name Fisker-&-Nielsen was a fact.
Fisker was not especially interested in motorcycles, when he, during the First World War found, that an alternative production could be desirable.

P.A.Fisker 1925
P.A.Fisker 1925

At this time vacuum cleaners were added to the programme. Fisker began studying motorcycles, and soon he realised two things:

1. It should have 4 cylinders
2. It should have cardan drive

His model was evidently the Belgian FN motor-cycle, which has begun using 4-cylinder motors in 1903.
Between 1919 and 1928 there were build 1.300 of the first model Nimbus with the nickname "Stovepipe".