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Made in DenmarkNimbus Motorcycle Made in Denmark

The Nimbus Motorcycle where made by Fisker & Nielsen Pty. Ltd. Copenhagen, Denmark.

My Nimbus

The first Nimbus was presented to the public on the 20th of April 1919, by its inventor P.A.Fisker. That Nimbus soon got the nickname "Stovepipe" for its cylinder formed petrol tank, the Stovepipe had a four cylinder in line motor on 746cc, it was a side valve and the final drive was shaft drive, it was a very strong and power full bike for its time.

From 1919 to 1928 where the production stopped, there were only 1,300 Nimbus stovepipe ever made.

In the early thirties P.A.Fiskers son, Anders Fisker now joint the company and together they invented the Nimbus.

The first "Nimbus" came of the production line in 1934. It was a very different Nimbus to the old "Stovepipe". The new Nimbus had a four cylinder, in line motor but this time with top valve and over head cam.

An important thing to mention was the telescopic front fork. It was the first time ever that a motorbike had a telescope fork, so that means that Nimbus was the first bike in the world with a telescope fork. In the years from 1934 to the end of 1959 there where only 12,715 Nimbus ever made.


Number of cylinder: Four in line

Bore: 60 mm

Stroke: 66 mm

Cylinder volume.: 746 cc

Compression: 5,7:1 with domed piston, 5,4 : 1 with flat piston

Brake HP: 22/4500 rpm ( 5,7 : 1 ), 18/4500 rpm ( 5,4 : 1 )

Gear box: 3 speed ( hand or foot operated )

Final drive: Shaft

Weight: 185 Kg

Petrol tank: 12,5 litre where of 1.5 litre are reserve

Oil: 2 litre SAE 20 or SAE 30

Tyre: 3,50 x 19"

Battery: 6 volt 12 A/h

Dynamo: 8 volt 70 watt